Information Requests

The FAO’s ability to provide the Legislative Assembly with economic and financial analysis depends on the FAO’s capacity to access information held by the Ontario government. The Financial Accountability Officer Act, 2013 imposes a duty on ministries and other public entities to provide the FAO with information that the FAO believes is necessary to perform his duties.

The Lieutenant Governor in Council has made two orders-in-council requiring ministries and public entities to provide the FAO with certain Cabinet confidential information required for the performance of the FAO’s duties. The July 2018 order applies to information concerning decisions made by the Executive Council presided over by Premier Ford and the October 2016 order applies to information concerning decisions made by the former Executive Council presided over by Premier Wynne.

The FAO publicly discloses information requests on the FAO website and posts the responses received from ministries and public entities.

Responding to Information Requests

Ministries and public entities seeking guidance on how to respond to information requests from the FAO please consult the Guide to Responding to Information Requests.

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