Fair Hydro Plan Provides Temporary Electricity Bill Relief but Higher Bills by 2028


(TORONTO) May 24, 2017 – The Financial Accountability Officer of Ontario, Stephen LeClair, has just released An Assessment of the Fiscal Impact of the Province’s Fair Hydro Plan, a report that reviews how Ontario’s Fair Hydro Plan (FHP) will impact electricity ratepayers and Provincial finances.

The FAO estimates that the FHP will cost the Province $45 billion over 29 years while providing overall savings to electricity ratepayers of $24 billion. This results in a net cost to Ontarians of $21 billion.

Under the FHP, average electricity bills are projected to decrease by 25% in 2017, followed by four years of growth at the rate of inflation. Starting in 2021, electricity bills are projected to increase by an average of 6.8% annually until the end of 2027. After 2027, electricity bills are projected to be an average of 4% higher under the FHP than the status quo.

The estimated $45 billion cost to the Province assumes that the Province is able to achieve and maintain a balanced budget over 29 years. If the Province is required to fund the FHP through debt, then the cost to the Province could increase to between $69 billion and $93 billion.

“Temporary savings are achieved for electricity ratepayers by moving costs to the Province and by deferring $18.4 billion in electricity costs for 10 years,” says Mr. LeClair. “After 10 years, ratepayers will be required to repay the deferred electricity costs plus approximately $21.0 billion in interest which will result in higher electricity bills than under the status quo.”

Read the FAO’s report here.

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